FRP/GRP sheet application

FRP/GRP ( fiberglass reinforced panel) application

FRP Daylingting System Applications

Smooth and clean appearance, accurate size of fracture surface and optional cutting length; the panel’s surface is covered with a transparent gel coat, making the panel have a service life between 15 and 20 years. The Daylighting panel has a high luminousness which is above 85%.

Tank Container Applications

FRP cladding panel is a composite material made of new type resin and high strength glass fiber, which covered with gel coat.Zhongsheng FRP cladding panels are mainly intended for tank containers and chemical trailers. Designed to meet chemical liquid transportation needs, assure low-cost maintenance and easy to repair, recognized to be an ideal product in the tank containers application.

FRP Cooling Tower Applications

Cooling tower Zhongsheng FRP anti-corrosion panels are mainly intended for the cooling tower.

To adopt Zhongsheng anti-corrosion panels will reduce the finishing time of FRP cooling tower project, and the installation will be more convenient, which effectively improves cooling tower’s product quality, lowers production cost, highly reduces the production workload of FRP cooling tower by about 70%.

FRP Industrial Applications

Zhongsheng FRP Anti-Corrison panel is mainly intended for industrial buildings, especially for the plants have special requirements on acid/alkali resistance. Our engineers will be glad to provide integrated solutions, such as:
A.flame retardance type
B.inflammable type
C.acid-resisting type
D.alkali-resisting type

Transportation Applications

Zhongsheng FRP high gloss panels are mainly intended for transportation. The panels are in high physical properties and low weight, easy to install and repair.

Cold Chain System Applications

Zhongsheng sandwich panels are mainly intended for cold chain system; featuring good water resistance and weather fastness, The product adopts a sandwich structure, with the outer layer made from FRP plate covering, middle layer made from high-density polyurethane foam material, thermal-protective coating with a thickness of 50-100mm, the surface plate with a thickness of 1-3mm, creating excellent heat-shielding performance.