FRP/GRP panels for commercial applications


FRP panels/sheets

Zhongsheng provides high-performance FRP/GRP panels to meet different needs of commercial constructions. These FRP panels provided by ZS FRP are fastness, easy to install, low-cost maintenance and environmental protection.



ZS FRP/GRP panels could be used in supermarkets Malls Restaurants Bars, coffee houses, Retail chains Business centres, Hotels, Etc, as the wall panels and ceiling panels.

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4 Comments to “ FRP/GRP panels in Commercial Applications”

  1. Hi, I would like to enquire about a product that I have seen in the market. the product is called Cerarl Panel from AICA(Japan). I am wondering if you have a similar product to them.

    I am a supplier from Singapore and would like to bring a similar product to Cerarl into the Singapore market.

    Mervyn Lim
    +65 91111340

  2. Dharma says :Reply

    Hi I am Dharma from IJIN TECH Engineering Pte Ltd

    I am looking for FRP, GRP tray 500mm x 3000mm x 100mm W x L x H
    Your can fabrication this

  3. Gai Top Kai says :Reply

    I Am very interested

    1. admin says :Reply

      Great, please kindly leave me your contact number or contact us directly, glad to be at your service

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