FRP sheets on tank containers


FRP sheets for Tank containers

FRP cladding panel is a composite material made of new type resin and high strength glass fiber, which covered with gel coat.

Zhongsheng FRP cladding panels are mainly intended for tank containers and chemical trailers. Designed to meet chemical liquid transportation needs, assure low-cost maintenance and easy to repair, recognized to be an ideal product in the tank containers application.



Refrigerated Dry Van Trailers, Truck Bodies, Seagoing Containers, Rail Cars

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  1. karun petrochemical part of the persian gulf company located at bandar-e-imam iran, is major polyurethane producer in iran with strong market share.we produces high quality TDI and MDI and experts those products to the most important overseas markets as well as domestic markets.
    One of our side products is chloride. We store in this four 1,000-m3 cisterns of HCL, which has corrosion problems in the reservoirs.
    We want to use FRP reservoirs to store 32% chloride acid. Given that there is 50PPM ODCB solvent in our HCL, my question is, have you ever tested the effect of this solvent on the FRP material?
    If you have any reference works on this topic, is it possible to visit our projects?
    I am looking forward to recive your kindly response

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