FRP 3D embossed panel

20 year service time
Thickness: 1.0-10 mm
Width range:50mm-3000mm
Type: could be customized as drawings
UV resistance: Yes
Water resistance: Yes
Fire retardant rating :ASTM E84 B level or C level





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Zs FRP /GRP 3D embossedpanel is a composite laminated sheet with high standard resin and fiberglass, but you could not even see any fiberglass on the surface, very beautiful as wall panels.




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FRP flat sheet
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The product is widely used as the side panel, roof panel in the RV, reefer trailers,  refrigerated truck industry

Product performance

Longitudinal tensile strengthMPA142
Transverse tensile strengthMPA114
Shear strengthMPA104
Impact toughnessKJ/㎡78.7
Compressive strengthMPA81.3
Bending strengthMPA226
Barcol hardnessHB56
Linear expansion coefficient30℃-65℃ 1.74x10-5
65℃-100℃ 1.5 x10-6